Educational Programs


An original tale about a boy and his grandfather working together as a team to clean up a park. Using funny voices, small props and a concluding energized dance performance, this story teaches the importance of recycling and family. Appropriate for children in kindergarten through sixth grade.

Conflict Resolution

Tales that encourage positive ways to address confrontation by using words and non-violent actions.

“Abi-Yo-Yo” is a South African lullaby turned into a folk-tale by the legendary folk singer Pete Seeger retold by Shawn Middleton. A boy and his magician father are ostracized from their village and end up saving the day through music, song, and magic. Appropriate for children in kindergarten through sixth grade.



Tales that have been adapted from their original form to teach children to seek out help when being bullied.

“Jack and the Magic Beans,” has an alternate ending from this classic tale from England where Jack out smarts the giant. Appropriate for children in kindergarten through second grade.

“The Boy and the Rattlesnake,” teaches audience members not to handle wild animals. This tale can be taken one step further when audience members are prompted to think of the rattlesnake as a bully.   Appropriate for children in kindergarten through eighth grade.


Tales that convey diversity allow and embrace audiences to learn and develop tolerance towards other cultures, traditions, customs, and rituals. Along with learning about different societies, audience members can learn about the individual differences of the different characters within the story.

“The Lion and The Mouse,” an Aesop classic that teaches little friends may prove to be great friends and no act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.  Appropriate for children in PreK through adult, as well as family audiences.

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