Storytelling with Shawn is willing to work with you and your agency to obtain a grant to help with funding.  

Grants through New England Foundation of the Arts (NEFA)

New England States Touring (NEST)¬†provides support to nonprofit organizations based in New England for community-related activities by select New England performing artists from outside of the presenter’s state. Any nonprofit, school, or government entity based in New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont) is eligible to apply for a NEST grant.

The nonprofit organization does not need to be an arts organization. An organization that does not have a federal tax identification number (such as a national historic park) may apply as long as it is part of an official government agency (such as the National Park Service).

Nonprofit organizations who are interested in bringing cultural arts programming to its community may apply for NEST funding. Examples of eligible applicants include: libraries, schools, theaters, service agencies, and arts organizations. Applicants may only receive NEST support for presenting select NEST artists.

Contact program staff with questions regarding eligibility.
* First-time applicants are encouraged to call NEFA.