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Storytelling That Evokes Imagination and Education

Add Storytelling to your teaching repertoire! This uplifting, high-energy workshop teaches different storytelling techniques to foster proactive listening, oral language, reading and writing skills, and the sheer enjoyment of the magical imagination of stories.

The Power of Storytelling In Your Classroom

A captivating and enlightening workshop that identifies the importance of storytelling in the classroom. You will walk away energized with new strategies and activities to introduce storytelling in your own room, which will help strengthen listening, oral language, reading and writing skills.

Bringing It Back To Nature (Storytelling With Nature)

Remember the days when you were six or seven years old? Maybe you were laying down on you back in the backward or on a trail when you gazed up at the sky and your imagination ran wild. The clouds, trees, rocks and animals came together with characters and an adventure. Before you knew it, you created a story in your head. This is an inspiring workshop that will bring your class back to nature while learning some incredible storytelling techniques. You will walk away with new nature stories and outside activities to use with your students.

 ABC 123 Storytelling for Infant, Toddler and Preschool Teachers

Developmentally and age-appropriate stories, songs, finger plays that will get your children singing, clapping, dancing, chanting and roaring with laughter.  Participants will learn how to tell stories and learn a story, the importance of Storytelling and Literacy at a young age, and the differences between storytelling vs. story Reading.  Participants will learn Participatory Activities with the story the Lion and The Mouse, Storytelling Games such as Duck, Duck, Animal, story passes, story boxes and Story Bags.  Participants will leave this workshop with a bag of tools that they can implement immediately the next day in their classroom.

From Princesses to Pirates

Set a course for an enchanted workshop where participants learn how to create their own folktale, fairy tale or fable. Participants will learn the importance of storytelling ethics and how to research a story at their local library. Everyone will be educated entertained and engaged while learning how to do sound effects and character voices that helps bring stories to life. Participants will learn amazing and fun theater games to get ready to tell their own stories… and much more!

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math to Propel your Storytelling Creativity

The steam rose from the ground as the stem of the beanstalk disappeared into the clouded sky. Let Shawn the storyteller; help you reimagine these timeless tales like Jack and the Bean Stalk, The Tortoise and the Hare, and the Three Little Pigs using science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Learn interactive activities for before, during, and after the story.

Stories and Games From Around the World

Remember hearing your favorite story from your grandmother? Or the first time you played that great game of hide and seek or kick the can? Let Shawn the Storyteller, guide you through world tales and games from around the world that are developmentally appropriate and support speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.


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Shawn will also specialize a workshop in the art of storytelling for schools, libraries, early learning centers, museums, and churches.